Will Dizard (flyingottoman) wrote,
Will Dizard

all systems nominal

journalworthy (much less stringent than "blogworthy") things:
a) 3 dollar live radiohead from 1994 featuring the classic "creep" bought and listened to
b) linguistics has moved into phonetics. this means that we get to talk about labias and glottises. it's all quite erotic in its own way. plus, hot blonde chicks stick their fingers in their mouths (to feel their palatal ridge, apparently) without realizing the awkwardness of their predicament. it's priceless. also, my unhot teacher did this and said "it's kind of hard too"---(like the aveolar ridge). so linguistics class=awesome.
c)arabic, for its part, is going well. now i can basically write arabic letters well enough to pretty faithfully transliterate english (or possibly German) words into arabic script. it comes out kind of weird though. for instance, my name "dizard" is actual five non-connecting letters (well, the yaa only by virtue of following a nonconnecting "daal"---but it's questionable whether you really need a long "I" sound...dihzurd---diizArd---actually, that'd be kind of cool----daal, yaa, raa, sukkun, zaay, alif, daal---holy balls.) anyway, it's fun. everyone should try this.
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