Will Dizard (flyingottoman) wrote,
Will Dizard

okay, listen, here's the thing

(yeah, i realize that people from the shark probably won't be reading this on a regular basis. which is probably a good idea, considering that it's going to be most personal and less postmodern. i'm kind of sick of having to keep the wit new and interesting. that's not to say that I won't be keeping it real/updated.
anyway, yeah. if you want to read my unironic observations (which i'm writing pretty much for myself only) about college life and what i'm doing in classes and whatever, then go here. I can see why this is probably less than interesting for most/all of you. but, yeah.)

things i've noticed: the neglect shown for the sensitive, intellectual class at large, white, public suburban mega-high schools (4000 some of them are) has given them a sense of moral superiority (they refer to themselves and their friends as "intellectuals") and a a certain social callowness. they see themselves as part of a natural elite.

i have to do homework. i will return to this later.

also, to be honest, The Economist is the greatest publication in existence.

in conclusion, my attempt to establish a personality geared only towards making the most friends/acquaintainces and suchlike has not so much backfired as it has...fuck, homework
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