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okay, so my basically entire scholars group thingy dealy (International Affairs, though it's full of Engineering majors and whatever.) was basically walking in front of my high school today on a circuitous route to the Pakistani embassy, where questions were asked by me visavis the dilatory democracy providing of Mr. Musharraf's, the nation's president. on the whole fun times. i wondered if pakistan's attempts to create a more powerful state run education system to counter the radical madrassas could one day be used against the cause of liberalism by an radical regime (irate, perhaps, after the outlawing of their humble madrassas). but, fuck it, whatever, i'm no Francis Funkyama or anything.
it was quite odd to be so close to my high school with all my college friends/acquaintances in tow. i swear to god i saw my English teacher smoking a cigarette from across the block. I'll never understand how he's able to smoke a cigarette when it's so far away from him. must be his polish powers coming into play.
in terms of al-arabi, things are going well. my plan is to sort of auto-immerse myself by looking at things around the room and naming them with their arabic vocab. it's working alrightishly.
by the way, the actual morphology section of the linguistics book is tripped out as a muggerfucker.
i've realized that both diplomacy and linguistics are useless intellectual pursuits.
diplomacy: at worst, you sit in an office in downtown d.c. and all you do is take orders from political appointees. at best, you get paid a pittance to go to some country with a malfunctioning sewer system to be extremely polite to people who don't like you.
linguistics: what's the point of knowing everything about grammar and its subtleties if you can't fucking do anything about it except in fucking English? where's the art in that? funny examples of syntactic ambiguity maybe...But, overall, rather dull. worst of all LINGUISTICS CAN'T MAKE YOU MONEY!!!!
yeah, you heard me. and, yeah, i'm in the humanities. it's just that i have a plan to use them for fun AND profit.
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