Will Dizard (flyingottoman) wrote,
Will Dizard

12:55 am

so the whole end of the quarter scenario is actually as bad as it seems.
i have about 6 chapters of arabic homework to do.
but it's not that bad because the teacher only "looks for completion."
the stage 4 test doesn't seem that hard.
but yeah.
also there was an unexpected avalanche of linguistics homework.
a six page paper must be written tomorrow because i'm going home on tuesday.
it was interesting to see the Michigan marching band march out of the Shoe after I had seen it march into the Big House less than a month previous.
it's weird being able to observe the dynamics of dichotomous (not a word, but you know what I mean) conflict between irreconcible worldviews or persuasions. OSU/Michigan...Democrats/Republicans---it all comes down to an existential hatred of red by blue and vis a versa.
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