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i seriously need to shave

WitDeezRightHere: weelson
Merced 99: dizannay?
WitDeezRightHere: hows it goin man
Merced 99: not all that bad, it's hard to explain
Merced 99: alot of my time is spent tolerating idiotic football shit
WitDeezRightHere: hah really
WitDeezRightHere: man i told u
Merced 99: and then alot of my time is spent learning how to write and read Arabic, which is incredible fun and cool
Merced 99: incredibly*
WitDeezRightHere: what other classes are u taking
Merced 99: linguistics
Merced 99: bs english
WitDeezRightHere: linguistics?
WitDeezRightHere: wut do u do in that
Merced 99: like analyze sentences and talk about the meanings of words in context
WitDeezRightHere: hows the size of the place?
Merced 99: actually, even though football is kind of boring, it can be kind of fun...in its own way.
Merced 99: not bad, my classes are all nearby my dorm
Merced 99: it's just that, with some people, conversations don't get more complex than "fuck michigan"----it's kind of like a gigantic, white suburban high school
Merced 99: i'm learning about what like normal americans think about, and it's kind of frightening...
WitDeezRightHere: whia
WitDeezRightHere: whoa*
WitDeezRightHere: yeah i can imagine..
WitDeezRightHere: yeah if u think about it our view of america has been pretty restricted
Merced 99: but a good experience, we don't really get a sense of middle america where we live
WitDeezRightHere: yea
Merced 99: but whatever (dude, everybody calls things "gay" here...it's so gay)
Merced 99: i have some cool friends who are into indie hipster music. i just went to a death cab for cutie show, which was pretty awesome
WitDeezRightHere: oh nice
Merced 99: here, it's the art and english majors who are coolest, just because they're the most creative
WitDeezRightHere: i used to be into them
Merced 99: 'm learning alot about Big Ten football and trendy music
WitDeezRightHere: do u go to frats?
Merced 99: the first few weeks. They’re gross.
Merced 99: i don't drink that much, just because it's not fun to drink with people you don't know yet really
Merced 99: (but, all in all it's good because my social competence has expanded to a greater variety of groups and situations...and, since Ohio is so important to the election, i got to meet Howard Dean (and get his signature) Edwards (just shook his hand) and Bob Dole. and the Argentine ambassador came through here for the IMF, which was cool.)
WitDeezRightHere: yeah edwards just came here last monday
Merced 99: the football/poker can get on your nerves, but it's worth it
WitDeezRightHere: yeah man partying with strangers sucks
WitDeezRightHere: ive been drunk 3 times since i got here
Merced 99: me too. i went to d.c. las' weekend and drank with field people and it was awesome
WitDeezRightHere: yeah man sorry i didnt call u back, i was just being lazy and not going out
Merced 99: no problem, how was prep?
Merced 99: i wanted to go but I had to go to the fuck holocaust museum
Merced 99: fucking*
WitDeezRightHere: it was cool to watch
Merced 99: how'd we do?
WitDeezRightHere: pretty well, we have like 4 really good guys, the teams not as deep this year
Merced 99: who are the four?
WitDeezRightHere: hakim, darrin, ollie, and will
WitDeezRightHere: mckitterick
WitDeezRightHere: hakim is kicking ass
Merced 99: will is a junior, right?
WitDeezRightHere: yeah
Merced 99: i hope he stays off the ganj...
WitDeezRightHere: man, he ran 18:36 the other day, and hes been smoking
WitDeezRightHere: if he stops smoking and trains over the summer hell be better than me
WitDeezRightHere: hes got talent
Merced 99: let's hope
Merced 99: now man tell me about haverford?
WitDeezRightHere: it's cool
WitDeezRightHere: it felt good to be back in dc
WitDeezRightHere: how did u get home, plane?
Merced 99: yeah man, i was on a school trip
Merced 99: so we took a bus
Merced 99: and stayed at the Days Inn on Conn by fucking Burger King
Merced 99: it was trippy, we walked by Burke on our way to the Pakistani embassy
Merced 99: and i saw paul from across the street
WitDeezRightHere: hah
WitDeezRightHere: wut kinda school trip?
Merced 99: just to like the IMF and the Pakistani embassy and the Holocaust museum so we could learn about injustice against jews and then injustice against the poor and blah blah blah...
WitDeezRightHere: for what class
Merced 99: i've been to the holocaust museum and found it uncompelling...and vaguely condescending
Merced 99: for my International Affairs Scholars Program....
WitDeezRightHere: uncompelling, really?
Merced 99: i don't know, parts of it
Merced 99: basically, the biggest problem is that you can't see anything most times you go there, the place is full of tourists
WitDeezRightHere: ive always wanted to go
WitDeezRightHere: cuz i heard good things about it
Merced 99: my biggest problem is that like, i have ceased to be moved emotionally by that kind of stuff, it's just too much sort of at this point...
WitDeezRightHere: yea
Merced 99: no matter how much we learn, none of us can stop history from repeating itself
Merced 99: how are your classes?
WitDeezRightHere: theyre pretty good, im really impressed with my professors
WitDeezRightHere: man, its funny how similar paul is in some ways to my english prof.
WitDeezRightHere: shes not arrogant like he is,
WitDeezRightHere: but it makes me realize that paul basically apires to act like a college professor
Merced 99: haha (dude, the people here are so fucking immature it's hilarious, i really need to start laughing at this situation...)
Merced 99: hahaha, it's so true
WitDeezRightHere: my english prof did the eros/thanatos diagram on the board man
WitDeezRightHere: exactly like paul
Merced 99: we're doing "pathos", "ethos", and "logos"
Merced 99: my english TA has some serious T and A
Merced 99: these people are fucking 15 year olds. it's just funny (i will admit that that sentence is syntactically ambiguous)
Merced 99: but i'm going to be in d.c. this summer, which is cool
WitDeezRightHere: what is arabic like
Merced 99: it's interesting
WitDeezRightHere: as a language
Merced 99: the vocabulary isn't as hard as you'd think because everything's so arbitrary
Merced 99: like "baab"=door
Merced 99: and you just have to know that
WitDeezRightHere: yeah
WitDeezRightHere: wut about grammer wise
Merced 99: the arbitrariness makes it easier somehow...uh, i haven't really moved into that, the book is really gradual in the way it presents shit...i'm basically teaching myself
WitDeezRightHere: what kind of people are in ur class
Merced 99: army people, somalis who want to learn arabic
Merced 99: it's really weird to see a girl in a headscarf right next to a guy in army fatigues listening to recordings of simple conversations in the computer lab where I practice...
WitDeezRightHere: iteresting
Merced 99: like i can basically read arabic, even though i don't know what it means

and then it veers off...
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