Will Dizard (flyingottoman) wrote,
Will Dizard

a suggestion from my cousin at Boston College

Merced 99: dude, i can't do it. jocks are just boring.
Purrrr171: ?
Merced 99: i have to hang out with the wallflowerish types.
Purrrr171: ?
Merced 99: i can't pretend to give a shit about football anymore
Merced 99: if i have to feign interest in the browns/steelers dichotomy one more time, i'm going to shoot myself. the nerdy English majors who read kierkegard for fun are where's it's at.
Purrrr171: lord no
Purrrr171: dont cave!
Purrrr171: kierkegard is for fairies! (this is the nihilistically conservative wing of the family, by the way)
Merced 99: but it's so painful!
Purrrr171: football is fun, you just need to get used to it
Purrrr171: i promise
Purrrr171: dont sell yourself down the river
Merced 99: i do like football actually
Merced 99: it's just that any none of those friendships could be meaningful
Merced 99: i hate small talk
Purrrr171: well you dont need more than 4 good frinds ever
Merced 99: that's true
Purrrr171: but you do need to know about 100-300 people for party purposes
Merced 99: and all the random people can just be that==random people
Purrrr171: so those "meaningles friendships" go a long way....
Merced 99: okay, good. i agree. that's a good way of thinking about it.
Merced 99: it was hard to deliniate the difference. thank you, that's sage advice.
Merced 99: fuck homework, agree or disagree?
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